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Does granite need to be sealed to avoid staining?
Yes. It is our policy to seal every stone surface we install and we recommend the application of a sealer every six months to assure protection against any oils or water that may have sat on the surface of the stone for any length of time.

No, there are several different finishes you can order; the highly polished finish is just the most popular. There is a process called “honing” that gives the stone a more matte finish yet retains its smooth feel.

Is granite really scratch resistant?

Yes. Even if you cut directly down upon it in the coarse of normal, daily use, you will not mar the finish of your granite countertop.

What's the difference between a drop-in sink and an under-mount sink?

A drop-in sink sits on top of the cutout in your granite counter while an undermount sink sits beneath the cutout. There is generally an extra polishing charge required in preparing a granite countertop for an undermount sink.